News Update from Upper Savannah Council of Governments

Region Receives Three CDBG Grants to Upgrade Sewer Lines

The Upper Savannah region received three grant awards in the Spring 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Infrastructure Round, the S.C. Department of Commerce announced last week.

Upper Savannah COG Community Development staff submitted three grant applications in the round and all three were awarded. Twenty-three grants were awarded statewide.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application deadline was moved back twice due to COVID-19 restrictions, from mid-April to June 15 and finally to July 1.

The City of Clinton, Greenwood County and Laurens County received grant awards.

The Clinton Mill Sewer Upgrade will be funded with $750,000 from CDBG, $500,000 from the Rural Infrasctructure Authority (RIA), and a $149,720 local match for a total project cost of $1,399.720.

The project involves upgrading sewer lines in Clinton Mill Village area, an LMI neighborhood in City of Clinton. The City is currently under Consent Order from SCDHEC due to sanitary sewer overflows in collection system. Proposed project would aid in reduction of inflow and infiltration to the City’s collection system. Project improvement would benefit an estimated 180 units.

Greenwood County will receive $750,000 in CDBG funds with a $262,317 local match for a total of $1,012,317 for the Baptist Sewer Upgrade. The project involves upgrading sewer lines in the Baptist Avenue Area in Greenwood.

The area includes Gilliam Avenue, Baptist Avenue, Evans Street, Percival Avenue, Singleton Street, Byrd Street, Tanyard Avenue, Bay Street and Milwee Avenue. The project will benefit an estimated 90 units.

The Laurens County Highway 56/76 Sewer Upgrades project will receive $715,000 in CDBG funding and a $120,000 local match for total project cost of $835,000. The project proposes to repair two major sections of trunk line at the intersections of Hwy 76/Springdale Drive and Hwy 56/Springdale Drive.

Improvements to intersections will include installing new lines, pipes and manholes and reconnection of force mains. The improvements will benefit an estimated 2,300 units, approximately half the City of Clinton’s population.