News Update from Upper Savannah Council of Governments

Region Awarded CDBG Grants for Structure Demolitions, Fire Truck, Downtown Streetscape

Three municipalities in the Upper Savannah Region got good news this week when the S.C. Department of Commerce announced they have received grant awards in the Fall 2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) round.

The City of Clinton was awarded funding for a new fire truck, the City of Abbeville received a grant to demolish dilapidated structures, and the Town of Saluda was awarded funding for a downtown streetscape project.
Upper Savannah’s Community Development staff prepared and submitted the CDBG grant applications on their behalf and will administer the projects. They were three of 23 grant awards statewide in the Community Enrichment, Neighborhood Revitalization and Special Projects Round.
The City of Clinton will receive $500,000 in CDBG funding and provide a $250,000 local match for a total project cost of $750,000 to purchase a new fire pumper to replace a 1995 truck that was recently decommissioned due to transmission failure. The new truck would be used to provide improved fire protection services to LMI City of Clinton residents and businesses.
The City Fire Department is requesting a custom six-person capacity, ISO standard equipment, diesel truck, with a 2,000 gallons per minute (GPM) pump carrying 1,000 gallons of water. The department is seeking a truck that contains a small foam system to aid the effectiveness of the water and help expedite firefighting when critically needed.
Essential firefighting (loose) equipment will also be purchased to supply the department with the necessary gear to respond appropriately to any situation.
The City of Abbeville was awarded $221,564 in CDBG funding and will provide a $22,381 local match for a total project cost of $243,945 to demolish 17 structures which are a health and safety threat to the community. The structures are located on Brooks Street East, Brown Street, Cambridge Street, Gip Edwards Road, Poplar Street, Raymond Road, Wilson Street, and Secession Avenue. All structures are located within the Abbeville City limits.
The Town of Saluda will receive $721,212 in CDBG funding and provide a $102,562 local match for a total project cost of $823,774 to provide streetscape improvements to portions of downtown Saluda.
Improvements will consist of curbing, brick pavers, stamped crosswalks, reconstructed ADA ramps lined with railing, relocation and consolidation of signage, finished concrete, adding of stone façade on raised walkways, designated ADA/handicap parking, with installation of site furniture, greenery, irrigation, security cameras and street lighting. Improvements are proposed on a section of North Main and West Church streets.