USCOG Region Receives The Three Largest CDBG Grant Awards in Spring Round


The three largest Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awards in the state from the spring 2022 infrastructure round are coming to the Upper Savannah Region.

The Department of Commerce announced 16 grant awards, totaling $15,240,868. The three coming to the Upper Savannah Region total $4.8 million. The grant awards were announced in July, but one of the projects is still pending due to an additional funding source (State Revolving Fund) that was just awarded on Aug. 18.

The Town of Ridge Spring will receive $1.7 million for sewer transmission line upgrades, Greenwood County was awarded $1.6 million for the Mathews Mill Sewer Upgrade Phase II, and Laurens County will receive $1.5 million for the Clinton-Joanna Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade.

The next three biggest projects statewide are for $1.25 million and two for $1 million.

CDBG funds will help rehabilitate three major sections of Ridge Spring’s main sewer trunkline. A study completed in 2005 indicated excessive inflow and infiltration within the Town’s system.

Recent inspections indicated the conditions have significantly worsened. The most significant discoveries included a collapsed pipe within a creek crossing and a pipe with a rail crossing which has a substantial sag. Also, multiple areas of infiltration and potential inflow were discovered which causes an excess burden on treatment facilities.

The project includes approximately 2,541 linear feet of eight-inch gravity sewer, 2,151 linear feet of 10-inch gravity sewer, 200 linear feet of 16-inch steel encased pipe, 3,361 linear feet of cured-in-place pipe lining, and installation of approximately 42 manholes.

The project costs are estimated to be $2,086,090, including a match of $386,090 from the Town. The project is considered a town-wide benefit. Ridge Spring has an estimated population of 920 of which more than 68 percent are low-to-moderate income (LMI).

CDBG funds will help provide continued sewer improvements to the Mathews Mill area in Greenwood County where some pipes are in poor condition, inadequate in size and shallow in depth. The collection system was installed in the early 1900s.

Improvements include installation of approximately 825 feet of 12-inch and 5,200 feet of eight-inch gravity sewer line, 23 new precast concrete manholes and reconnection of 109 structures.

Construction in the mill village will include Georgia Street, Bolt Avenue, Bond Avenue, Stevens Avenue and Cross Street.

Total project costs are estimated to be $3,103,399, including $1,503,399 from the Greenwood Metro District. This project will benefit approximately 303 people, of which 92 percent are considered LMI.

CDBG funds will help upgrade Clinton-Joanna Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Kinards. The project includes removing existing drying beds and upgrading the WWTP process by installing two 750,000-gallon sludge holding tanks, aeration, mixers, pumps, controls, and other necessary fittings for liquid land application of the digested sludge.

The sludge holding tanks will provide the WWTP its necessary capacity to not only sustain its increasing wastewater volume but to handle the facility’s max capacity.

Project cost is estimated to be $3,026,000, including $1,000,000 from the SRF which was just awarded, and $526,000 from Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission.

The project will benefit the City of Clinton, Joanna and neighboring communities which utilize the sewer service. The project will benefit an estimated 8,078 people of which 65 percent are estimated to be LMI.