News Update from Upper Savannah Council of Governments

Town of McCormick Receives CDBG Funding to Continue Downtown Streetscape Improvements

The Town of McCormick has received a $750,000 grant award in the Fall 2020 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Community Enrichment, Neighborhood Revitalization and Special Projects Round, the S.C. Department of Commerce announced Dec. 8.

Upper Savannah COG Community Development staff submitted the application on behalf of the Town. Fifteen grants were awarded statewide. McCormick’s grant award of $750,000 is the largest of the 15.

CDBG funds were requested to continue the Town of McCormick’s previous streetscape efforts by improving intersections, restriping parking stalls and crosswalks, landscaping, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible parking, and fencing along the railroad. The project will address the need to provide a safe pedestrian route for residents in the Town.

The project will focus on streetscape improvements on W. Augusta and N. Main streets. Sidewalks will be upgraded to meet current standards and new curb and gutter will be installed.

New ADA compliant handicapped parking will be added, and ADA features will be added for sidewalk and crosswalk access. The asphalt will also be upgraded. Intersection improvements will be made, lines will be repainted, and necessary signage will be installed.

A safe landscaped pedestrian walkway will be added between Town Hall and the McCormick County SC Works building, providing safe pedestrian access to and from the improved public parking area behind Town Hall.

Landscaping will be added throughout the project area providing shade and beautification, consistent with the previously completed Main Street Streetscape also with CDBG funding.

Brick pavers will be used to install a speed table and plaza in front of Town Hall. This will help reduce vehicle speeds down W. Augusta Street, and enhance public safety at park access point. A seat wall/retaining wall and benches will be installed as a focal point and link to the entrance of the park. Security cameras will be installed in the project area to provide additional public safety.