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   Area Agency on Aging (Aging & Disability Resource Center)

Upper Savannah Council of Governments’ Area Agency on Aging is designated by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging as the coordinating and planning body for services for older adults in Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick and Saluda counties. In 2010, the Agency was designated as the Upper Savannah Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC).

The primary goal of the ADRC is to develop and promote a comprehensive, coordinated community-based service delivery system with simple access that will improve the quality of life for all older adults in the region and enable them to lead independent lives with dignity in their own homes for as long as possible. 
Five regions in South Carolina initiated the establishment of ADRCs in 2006 with a commitment of three-year funding from the State Unit on Aging. In the 2009-10 fiscal year, the State Unit on Aging committed three-year funding to the remaining five regions of South Carolina, including Upper Savannah. 

The Upper Savannah ADRC will serve as a highly visible and trusted agency serving the community as a place where people can turn for information, assistance and resources on the full range of support options.

Long term support includes a wide range of in-home, community-based, and institutional services and programs that are designed to help seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The ADRC will target seniors and disabled individuals who are at imminent risk of being institutionalized, helping them stay healthy and active in their communities, and supporting families in their efforts to care for their loved ones at home.

Specific objectives of the ADRC are:  

  • Plan, coordinate and advocate for a community-based service delivery system;
  • Maintain and strengthen the quality of life of older adults through community cooperation;
  • Help local communities meet the needs of the rapidly growing older populations;
  • Help older adults remain in their homes; solicit input from Advisory members about aging issues;
  • Provide contract management, technical assistance,
  • Program quality assurance and monitoring services to contracted service providers;
  • Offer resource materials to older adults and their families;
  • Serve as the regional information, referral and assistance focal point offering callers access to services relating to aging and disabilities;
  • Support the S. C. Silver Haired Legislature efforts in the region; provide complaint resolution for residents of long-term care facilities and community education through the Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman Program;
  • Operate the Family Caregiver Support Program, benefiting seniors and children by supporting the adults and older relatives who care for them;
  • Provide I-CARE and Senior Medicare Fraud Prevention programs; and coordinate Senior Farmer’s Market program.

For more about the ADRC, please contact:

Vanessa Wideman, ADRC Director

Services Provided:

  • In-Home Services
    Home Delivered Meals
    Home Care
    Respite Care

Community Services

Adult Day Care Services
Insurance Counseling (I-CARE)
Group Dining
Health and Wellness
Information and Referral
Legal Assistance
Nutrition Education and Screening
Volunteer Opportunities


The Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman investigates and works to resolve problems or complaints affecting residents in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

In an effort to improve the lives of all persons residing in long term care facilities, the ombudsman educates residents and family members about long term care and related issues, advocates for the protection of the resident’s rights, provides training and technical assistance to resident and family councils and facility staff and coordinates efforts with other agencies concerned about long term care.

For assistance contact:

Cindy Glanton, Regional Ombudsman
Upper Savannah ADRC
P O Box 1366
Greenwood SC 29648
864-941-8070 - direct
864-941-8090 - fax
1-800-922-7729 toll free



The Family Caregiver Support Program, funded through the Older Americans Act, is administered by the ADRC. It was developed to address the needs of the ever-increasing numbers of caregivers. The Family Caregiver Support Program is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in 2011.

One in four households in the United States has a caregiving situation involving a senior adult. The caregiver program focuses on caregivers of any age caring for those 60 and older and also on seniors (age 60 and older) who are primary caregivers for their grandchildren (age 18 and younger).

Support is provided to these caregivers by outreach and information to community groups and organizations, by assistance provided to caregivers in accessing available services, and by individual and group counseling, education and training.

Qualified individuals may also benefit from limited respite care which is funded by the program and other supplemental services that help caregivers better care for their loved ones. Services might include, for example, construction of a ramp for accessibility to the home or help with the purchase of incontinent supplies or nutritional supplements.

The design of the program promotes consumer choice and flexibility, building on existing services and resources and including collaboration and coordination with other agencies and community partners. Support for caregivers results in people giving better care to seniors, promoting quality of life and individual choice.

For assistance contact:

Barbara Wright, Family Caregiver Advocate
Upper Savannah ADRC
P O Box 1366
Greenwood SC 29648
864-941-8067 direct line
846-941-8090 fax
1-800-922-7729 toll free



Need Assistance finding help? SC Access and Information Referral Services at Upper Savannah ADRC can assist you to find aging and adult disability services in your community. This is a “One-Stop” shopping service for older adults, adults with disabilities, their caregivers, families and professionals.

SC Access, (Aging and Disability Information) is a web-based resource that will help you identify agencies and programs that offer the services you need in your community.

The Information, Referral and Assistance Program allows you to talk directly to an Information Specialist. This program serves as the clearinghouse for senior resources, programs and services. The Upper Savannah ADRC serves the counties of Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick and Saluda.

For assistance contact:

SuSu Wallace, Information & Referral Specialist
Upper Savannah ADRC
P O Box 1366 
Greenwood SC 29648 
864-941-8069 direct 
864-941-8090 fax 
1-800-922-7729 - toll free


The Upper Savannah Area Agency on Aging SHIP program assists seniors and caregivers by educating them about the Medicare prescription drug programs. In order to get prescription coverage, Medicare recipients need to choose and enroll into a Medicare prescription drug plan that best meets their needs. Open enrollment for choosing a Medicare Prescription Plan is Nov. 15 - Dec. 31 each year.  The SHIP program provides accurate and objective information concerning Medicare prescription drug coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplemental insurance policies, and other coverage options. SHIPs also assist eligible participants in enrolling in these plans as well as assist seniors with Extra Help, MSP and Gap assistance programs. The Upper Savannah SHIP program serves Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, and Saluda counties.


For assistance contact:                                Kathy Dickerson, CIRS-A

                                                                Regional SHIP Coordinator

                                                                Upper Savannah Council of Governments

                                                                PO Box 1366

                                                                222 Phoenix Street, Suite 200

                                                                Greenwood, SC 29648

                                                                Office: 864-941-8061 Toll-Free: 800-922-7729

                                                                FAX: 864-941-8090




P.O. BOX 790355

ST LOUIS, MO  63179-0355


For those directly billed Medicare beneficiaries who wish to have their Part B and/or A premiums deducted directly from a checking or savings account, they must obtain an application to participate in the Medicare Easy Pay program from 1-800-Medicare.  There is a different address to send Medicare Easy Pay Applications and a pre-addressed envelope will be included in the application packet.  The Medicare Easy Pay Application Address is:




                P.O. BOX 979098

                ST LOUIS, MO  63197-9000


Please note that the Medicare Premium Collection Center DOES NOT process Medicare Part C or D premiums.   Also, beneficiaries who receive a Social Security, Railroad Retirement or Civil Service benefit are required by law to have their Medicare Part B premiums deducted from their benefit checks and are not eligible for direct billing or  the Medicare Easy Pay program.    


Medicare now covers vaccines for both the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu. Symptoms of both flu types are similar, and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chill and fatigue.

Medicare now covers vaccines for both the H1N1 flu and seasonal flu. Symptoms of both flu types are similar, and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chill and fatigue.

Here's what you can do to prepare:
                                                          »Get a seasonal flu shot
                                                          »Wash your hands often 
                                                          »Ask if you need a pneumonia shot
                                                          »Ask someone to help with caregiver responsibilities if you're sick
                                                          »Watch for recommendations on getting vaccinated for H1N1

           For more information on flu symptoms and precautions, visit www.flu.govor 

Current Aging Division Activities:


Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Services - The Upper Savannah Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) provides, coordinates and contracts for services to the Upper Savannah region’s senior population. In addition to the regional services through the ADRC described below, Upper Savannah contracts with the region’s senior centers and other providers to meet the needs of senior adults. Contracted services include transportation, home-delivered meals, congregate dining with activities, home care, health and wellness promotion, and adult day care. 


Cost Share Program - The AAA was one of four regions in South Carolina to pilot a Cost Share Program in 2011-2012. The premise of this program was that by having clients share in the cost of services, the designated funding could go further and the clients could take some more ownership of their care. Two of the categories were respite and home care. Clients paid between 20 and 50 percent of the cost of services for care in the home, adult day care, or assisted living respite. Clients who could not afford the entire cost of a service were able to contribute a partial amount. The program helped serve 65 people.


State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) – The SHIP program helps seniors and individuals with disabilities research and understand Medicare coverage options with their Medicare prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans. This Program also counsels and assists beneficiaries with Medicare Part A & B issues and Medigap coverage, and alerts seniors to fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid practices through the Senior Medicare Patrol Program. The Upper Savannah SHIP Program totaled 2,938 Medicare one-on-one counseling sessions for seniors throughout the region from July 1, 2011 to May 30, 2012. The SHIP program also assisted 623 Medicare prescription drug beneficiaries with extra help applications as well as 187 with Medicare Savings Programs for Part B premiums.


Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) - Program provided funding to 270 caregivers as well as information, assistance, education, support, and referrals to many more throughout the region. The program provides respite, which is a break from daily care-giving that is important in helping caregivers do a better job over a longer period of time. The program also helps caregivers by providing help with supplemental services, such as incontinent supplies, nutritional supplements, and assistive technology. The FCSP also continues to be available for grandparents 55 and older caring for grandchildren 18 and younger. Many grandparents take on the parental role in order to keep the grandchildren out of the overburdened foster care system. The FCSP helps those grandparents who have stepped into the role of parent, due to death, incarceration or other parental problems with some funded services as well as information and support groups.  


Information, Referral and Assistance (IR&A) - The IR&A program is designed to provide seniors and people with disabilities access to helpful resources. Upper Savannah staff includes five certified IR&A specialists.


Minor Home Repair - The program has helped many individuals throughout the region with projects such as building ramps, repairing leaky roofs, improving unsafe areas in the home, repairing HVAC, etc. Partnerships with area churches have maximized the funding potential. USCOG helped 37 people with Minor Home Repair throughout the region during FY 2012.


Income Support And Material Aid – Program assisted approximately 100 seniors throughout the region with help in the home as part of the effort to keep community-based services working to delay institutionalization and give seniors quality of life.


Legal Services Program - Program served 57 seniors throughout the region with various legal concerns such as Power of Attorney, will preparation, and grandparent custody issues. Attorneys throughout the region have agreed to work with the ADRC at reasonable rates to better serve our senior population.


Legal Services Grant – The Upper Savannah ADRC is working with the Model Approach to Legal Services grant to enhance legal services in the area primarily through collaboration with the SC Bar, provision of legal clinics in each county, and outreach to more attorneys to be part of our legal services network. Goals of the grant include education about legal services, raising the awareness of the importance of future planning, and better access to benefits and assistance.


Advocate for Senior Citizens - Continued to serve as an advocate for seniors in the region’s nursing homes and residential care facilities through the continued administration of the Regional Ombudsman Program.